Texas Business License

1570928 NGUYEN, LAN THI TRUC Cosmetology Manicurist
259054 MANNING, KELVIN L Appliance Installer
1552161 MOORE, BRYAN Cosmetology Operator
1149360 HEISKELL, SHATRENIA S Cosmetology Operator
912951 WYATT, CLYDE RONALD Cosmetology Operator
157389 WEST, JOSHUA ERIC Apprentice Electrician
90589 RODRIGUEZ, CRUZ J Apprentice Electrician
1635229 SHAFER, KALI Cosmetology Operator
40991 RIVAS, JOSE A A/C Technician
285634 ROSA, RANELL A Apprentice Electrician
177196 WILSON, JUSTIN BEAU Apprentice Electrician
731031 SHANE J SALON Cosmetology Beauty Salon
1637270 HUYNH, PHU C Cosmetology Manicurist
21226 GAYLORD ELECTRIC Electrical Contractor
1579638 NGUYEN, YEN KIM Cosmetologist
1259093 BRAVO, JENNY GREGORIA Cosmetology Operator
1573320 TREVINO-SANCHEZ, MA ELENA Cosmetology Operator
273905 GUIRADO, JOEL SR Apprentice Electrician
224695 TEXAS ELITE BARBERS Barber Shop
128162 SOLIS, OLEGARIO Apprentice Electrician
19196 WILLIAM, SCOTT C A/C Technician
1203509 PHAM, HA NGOC Cosmetology Manicurist
320964 ARREDONDO, DANIEL C Apprentice Electrician
1184071 NGUYEN, TRONG MINH Cosmetology Manicurist
344305 REYES, EDWARD Apprentice Electrician
165871 JIMENEZ, PEDRO SR Apprentice Electrician
1284061 AMIRAULT, BRIDGIT ANNETTE Cosmetology Operator
10056 SIMON, JOSEPH M Tow Truck Operator (Consent Tow)
342275 GARCIA-PADRON, LUIS F Apprentice Electrician
749683 THE PHOENIX AND THE BUTTERFLY DAY SPA Cosmetology Esthetician Salon
29111 REDDEN & SONS ELECTRIC Electrical Contractor
355696 ROJAS, DANIEL A Apprentice Electrician
1687078 PAUL, JULIE ANN Cosmetology Operator
1479467 BAILIE, KAITLIN Cosmetology Operator
312327 DUNMON, AMBER L Apprentice Electrician
734982 LUX NAIL SPA Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon
1165395 ALVAREZ, CLAUDIA LORENA Cosmetology Operator
20061 SUNBERG, ADAM T A/C Technician
1401217 ABABA, MIRA LUZ Cosmetology Operator
1689214 DANG, VUONG TU Cosmetology Manicurist
54973 SALAZAR, MANUEL JR Water Well Driller/Pump Installer
303570 ZAPATA, ROEL R Apprentice Electrician
123165 RAMIREZ CANTU, AGUSTIN A Apprentice Electrician
15247 RENDON, ISIDRO Journeyman Electrician
316009 DELEON, JESUS Apprentice Electrician
117172 HERNANDEZ, JORGE Apprentice Electrician
59146 RIVERA, JULIO A A/C Technician
324087 HERNANDEZ, CHRIS Journeyman Electrician
743311 RITZ NAILS III Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon
316129 SAVELLI, VICTOR V JR Apprentice Electrician
31534 ISTRE, JOHNNY Dual Towing Operator(IM)/VSF Employee
1596890 DULWORTH, COURTNEY M Cosmetology Operator
329793 LOPEZ, JOSE A Apprentice Electrician
1590684 PARKER, AUTUMN Cosmetology Esthetician
1257385 BORDELON, JAMIE ANNE Cosmetology Operator
348683 BARNES, JOE G Apprentice Electrician
253313 LOPEZ, ARTURO A JR Apprentice Electrician
34778 NASER, FAHED Tow Truck Operator (Consent Tow)
1216199 BAUGH, SAMANTHA ANN Cosmetology Operator
12200 JONES, RACHEL D VSF Employee
876932 UPTMORE, ANGELINA MARIE Cosmetology Operator
14001 MCLENDON, MICHAEL R Maintenance Electrician
14742 WEATHINGTON, JASON Tow Truck Operator (Incident Management)
804226 ELLIS, ALTON EDWARD Cosmetology Operator
142448 HOBBS, NATHAN L Master Electrician
136467 LOPEZ, SABINO A Apprentice Electrician
59082 RODRIGUEZ, EDUARDO Journeyman Sign Electrician
1661618 PHAM, LAN THI THAO Cosmetology Manicurist
29851 LOVELESS, ROBERT W SR Journeyman Electrician
345842 CLAIBORNE, ESHON Apprentice Electrician
967963 SAENZ, CATHY Cosmetology Operator
1236128 BARRY, KACEE ANN Cosmetology Operator
1620054 TRAN, THE THANH Cosmetology Manicurist
1294538 ALMANZAR, APRIL Cosmetology Operator
1551167 CAMPBELL, SHAQUALON L Cosmetology Operator
1284919 THAI,CRYSTAL THANH Cosmetology Manicurist
32836 MAXWELL, JEFFREY W Journeyman Electrician
112663 MORADO, SABRINA A Legal Service Contract Sales Rep
1073794 GREENE, KELLIE MICHELLE Cosmetology Operator
37397 KING, JACQUELYN Tow Truck Operator (Consent Tow)
1137600 GARCIA, LORRAINE Cosmetology Operator
1141942 LE, HOA MY Cosmetology Manicurist
321409 FLORES, OSCAR I Journeyman Electrician
1140120 RAMIREZ, LORENA J Cosmetology Operator
1605680 HALL, SARAH BETH Cosmetology Operator
1445417 LE, QUOI VAN Cosmetology Manicurist
95725 WARNER, BRENDA Legal Service Contract Sales Rep
132917 BRUNNER, DAN P Barber, Class A
1586055 HOANG, YEN T Cosmetology Operator
27532 VIZUET, ALEJANDRO I A/C Technician
23472 STROMAN, LONNIE D Journeyman Electrician
1426981 LUNA, EMALIE LEE Cosmetology Operator
998922 AYALA, OMAR Cosmetology Operator
1299949 COLE, MICHAEL JOB Cosmetology Operator
43882 LEE, TRUBON D Journeyman Electrician
4625 REBOLLEDO, JORGE J Used Auto Parts Recycler Employee
961935 CALDERON, LETICIA Cosmetology Operator
1592350 ROBLES, MONICA Cosmetology Operator
313819 JUVENTINO, ESCOBAR III Apprentice Electrician
1161676 ADAMS, KASANDRA RENEE Cosmetology Operator
23928 LEYVA, ROGELIO G Tow Truck Operator (Consent Tow)
1253808 EBBINGHOUSE, JENNIFER MARIE Cosmetology Operator
343795 LEON, RICHARD G Apprentice Electrician
649953 MARTINEZ, JOSE R Barber, Class A
1331455 KIM, SUNG TAE Cosmetology Operator
325414 CRAIG, JEREMY A Apprentice Electrician
1298996 ANDAZOLA, CLAUDIA IVONNE Cosmetology Operator
1641844 FISHER, HUNG THI Cosmetologist
1257776 KINSEY, MARGARET A Cosmetology Operator
30516 L L ELECTRIC Electrical Contractor
1060929 AL-SAADI, FERIAL F Cosmetology Operator
119776 LOPEZ, AMALIA DELEON Cosmetology Operator
1562605 NGUYEN, THUAN Cosmetologist
1665430 MCINNES, AMANDA M Cosmetology Operator
1224619 NGUYEN, KATE NGOCBICH Cosmetology Operator
67716 OROSCO, ALEJANDRO JR A/C Technician
26904 PROCOIN ELECTRIC Electrical Contractor
269188 FINCHER, DEBRA Apprentice Electrician
4748 MILLER, LARRY FRANK Water Well Driller/Pump Installer
35633 BROCK, BRADLEY JAY A/C Technician
54631 BOENKER, SUE NELL Barber, Class A
40422 MARTINEZ, JUAN P Journeyman Electrician
343045 VANORNUM, JUSTIN L Apprentice Electrician
1530638 HABTESLASIE, ASTER KFLEMARIAM Cosmetology Operator
312496 CHOZET, ANGEL ADRIAN Apprentice Electrician
1628446 QUACH, KIEN Cosmetologist
59156 DURON, RUDY G A/C Contractor
320164 EDEL, FLORES MEDRANO A Apprentice Electrician
11556 AKUE, JONAS A A/C Technician
1309002 HERRINGTON, JENNA LEA Cosmetology Operator
1677728 NGUYEN, HOA THI Cosmetologist
31311 WINBORN, KEVIN E Tow Truck Operator (Incident Management)
304857 GONZALEZ, SILBANO Apprentice Electrician
1637159 DIENG, AIDA NDEYE Cosmetology Hair Braider
766912 YUNAE'S CUTS & MORE Dual Shop
331286 HADDEN, AARON A Apprentice Electrician
1412988 TONEY, BRITTANY MADELINE Cosmetology Operator
64893 JUAREZ, ISMAEL A/C Technician
820323 BOSQUEZ, ROSA MARIA Cosmetology Operator
109744 WEBB, STEVE L Journeyman Electrician
1260708 DELGADO-MARTINEZ, NANCY Cosmetology Operator
755902 B BEST HAIR Cosmetology Beauty Salon
1156900 TRINH, BILLY Cosmetology Manicurist
1431 TAYLOR, GARY L Used Auto Parts Recycler Employee
1474579 PHAM, HIEU THI Cosmetology Manicurist
639711 DOUNG, CHANNENG Barber, Class A
1652890 DAVIS, CHRISTINA ELIZABETH Cosmetology Esthetician
1183023 MADRIGAL, THERESA R Cosmetology Operator Instructor
1599844 TSAGUE, CAROLINE Cosmetology Hair Braider
1521141 TAYLOR, SAMANTHA Cosmetology Operator
350043 VICENTE, JOSE Apprentice Electrician
1508583 OUKO, BILHER AUMA Cosmetology Operator
1503139 URIOL, MARITA YOVANY Cosmetology Manicurist
13522 REESE, JAMES K Journeyman Electrician
1653378 HUYNH, THAO LUU Cosmetologist
1473346 TRAN, PHAT T Cosmetology Manicurist
1136260 GODFREY, SARAH L Cosmetology Manicurist
4530 MUELLER, RODNEY F Master Electrician
333515 BROWN, BRENT J Apprentice Electrician
1474889 MCCUTCHEN, ERIN LEE Cosmetology Operator
31442 KAMOLSRI, CHOB Master Electrician
105580 MASTERSON, LUCAS M Apprentice Electrician
6087 CELESTE, MARK A VSF Employee
31467 L&C ELECTRIC SOLUTION LLC Electrical Contractor
1621178 FARHOUDI, KAMRON CONLEE Cosmetology Operator
21834 SANDIFER, ROBERT DEAN Master Electrician
682003 TAMMY'S SALON Cosmetology Beauty Salon
1536399 VO, ANH T Cosmetology Manicurist
1468942 LE, HONG HOA-THI Cosmetology Manicurist
302947 GONZALEZ, ANGEL Apprentice Sign Electrician
72699 KEYSER, LEONA Apprentice Electrician
1259505 STEPHEN, RENITA Cosmetology Esthetician
1316208 NGUYEN, LIEN THI Cosmetology Manicurist
150857 FIGUEROA, JUAN LUIS Apprentice Electrician
746665 REGAL NAILS Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon
1236544 LAM, KATHY Cosmetology Manicurist
1574755 ELLISTON, HALEY SUZANNE Cosmetology Operator
735104 ELVA'S SKIN AND BODY SPA Cosmetology Esthetician Salon
1332376 FLORES, LETICIA Cosmetology Operator
149145 ALANIZ, JOSE M Apprentice Electrician
30196 MITCHELL, LOUIS Tow Truck Operator (Incident Management)
181809 CLARA, RAUL E Apprentice Electrician
228430 ENNETT, DEMETRIUS Barber, Class A
1170530 DAY, EMMY L Cosmetology Esthetician
836467 MANUEL, SHEILA REGINA Cosmetology Operator
70135 SUCHITE, NEFTALI A/C Technician
45877 KINNEY, DORIS J Barber, Class A
19915 BONOLA, HUMBERTO A/C Contractor
1345187 NGUYEN, VAN HONG Cosmetology Operator
24197 SEARS, RICHARD E Master Electrician
1290754 SELMAN, ESTHER LEE Cosmetology Operator
1331994 MORGADO, WESLEY Cosmetology Operator
329544 ALLEN, DAVID J Apprentice Electrician
718365 US NAILS Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon
766896 EXPO NAILS & SPA Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon
1257922 BRISENIO, GRACIELA Cosmetology Operator
1415475 MAZY, KATHLEEN Cosmetology Esthetician
733845 AVENUE NAILS Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon
1201729 CORDERO, DIANA NOELY Cosmetology Operator
301222 GOMEZ, JUAN Apprentice Electrician
1612109 HERNANDEZ, CRISTAL Cosmetology Manicurist
6213 GOHMERT, BRUCE WAYNE A/C Contractor
96245 RODRIGUEZ, MINDY LARUE Barber Manicurist
1409969 HUYNH, TAM HUE Cosmetology Manicurist
356055 CARLOS, JUAN A Apprentice Electrician
33835 THEMIS, LOUIE F JR Master Electrician
960805 NGUYEN, LYNNE Cosmetology Operator
223423 BARAJAS, SALVADOR Barber, Class A
347193 RAY, CLAUDIE H IV Apprentice Electrician
326712 YEZAK, SEBASTIAN R Apprentice Electrician
31067 PITTS, COREY Tow Truck Operator (Consent Tow)
1485050 TREVINO, JENNIFER BRIANA Cosmetology Operator
353366 KIRK, JASON D Appliance Installer
1214182 MOREAU, MADELAINE YNEZ Cosmetology Operator
1501210 PHAM, CUONG QUOC Cosmetology Manicurist
236197 GONZALES, LOMAS L Apprentice Electrician
13927 DUNN, MICHAEL EDWARD A/C Contractor
295956 BORDEN, CHANTRY A Apprentice Electrician
55963 MONROE, BILLY D Master Electrician
23870 ARRIOLA, FRANK JR A/C Contractor
11670 JONES, ROWDY H Tow Truck Operator (Consent Tow)
132103 LEON, FELIPE Apprentice Electrician
205557 BARAJAS , ADAN A Apprentice Electrician
23980 TEMPLETON, JOE A Master Electrician
1549528 SCHULL, AMBER JO Cosmetology Esthetician
24756 AMPCO ELECTRIC Electrical Contractor
353868 VASQUEZ, OSCAR Apprentice Electrician
64785 WHITE, DETRAVION A/C Technician
1072787 ROBLES, IRMA ALVIZO Cosmetology Operator
271260 MOORE, BRYCE R Apprentice Electrician
1570739 TRAN, TRANG THI THANH Cosmetology Esthetician
290938 ZUNIGA, MARCO Apprentice Electrician
695704 X-CLUSIVE HAIR STUDIO Cosmetology Beauty Salon
1512115 RIVAS, ANA LILLIAN Cosmetology Operator
902070 DAVIDSON, STACI MARIE Cosmetology Operator
45768 ACUNA, BLAS A/C Contractor
1286285 LIEU, THUY THI BICH Cosmetology Esthetician
1469048 POWELL, MIRANDA ONETA Cosmetology Operator
1670108 HUA, NGOC NGUYEN THI Cosmetologist
710845 V-AVANTI SALON Cosmetology Beauty Salon
1594948 NGUYEN, DOAN PHIEN Cosmetology Manicurist
197002 BOTTOMS, STEVE Journeyman Electrician
1499217 LEWIS, DONQUELLE FAR'SHANTA Cosmetology Operator
1107269 WYLIE, RAMONA CHRISTINE Cosmetology Operator
319854 CARDENAS, URIEL Apprentice Electrician
243849 BROWN, ROY JR Barber, Class A
150 UNITED FOREIGN Used Auto Parts Recycler
1320930 REESE, JACKIE LEE Cosmetology Operator
229803 STEPHENS, LLOYD D JR Apprentice Electrician
1408305 VALDEZ, PHUONG LY Cosmetology Manicurist
1741 WHITAKER, H ARLENE Property Tax Consultant
1041088 CHRANE, MARY ELISABETH Cosmetology Manicurist
53126 JOLLY, KORY A/C Technician
1620597 WILLIAMS, JESSICA DANNA Cosmetology Operator
92361 HALEY, DAVID B Apprentice Electrician
124795 KOLER, MICHAEL GEORGE Cosmetology Operator
221325 EVERETT, CHARLES D Apprentice Electrician
44841 RILEY, JERRY P Journeyman Electrician
1501239 LA, TRIET MINH Cosmetology Manicurist
28818 F M ELECTRICAL SERVICES Electrical Contractor
1356 ADP TOTALSOURCE FL XIX INC Professional Employer Organization
5812 FIELDING, ALAN T Master Electrician
30787 GOOSE CREEK CISD Electrical Contractor
16774 LESTER, THOMAS R II Auctioneer
214028 MCCORKLE, CHRISTOPHER D Apprentice Electrician
248601 SEERY, TONY Apprentice Electrician
1505 GEYER, ROBERT B Water Well Driller/Pump Installer
1429909 RODRIGUEZ, BRIANA LYNN Cosmetology Operator
1683873 KOERWITZ, SONYA Cosmetology Esthetician
925981 FARMER, SHARLA Cosmetology Operator
95593 MOORE, EVERETT L JR Master Electrician
1204942 MIRELES, PERLA G. Cosmetology Operator
1487522 VO, TUAN M Cosmetology Manicurist
14930 DOYLE, DWIGHT C Journeyman Electrician
206745 MCNAGHTEN, TRACY C Master Electrician
25974 A & T ELECTRIC LLC Electrical Contractor
344489 FUENTES, GABRIEL Apprentice Electrician
342669 HERNANDEZ, ANGEL Apprentice Electrician
1122396 DO, HAN Cosmetology Operator
10772 WEBB, JERRY DAVID JR A/C Contractor
3792 RICE, EMMITT G Master Electrician
695314 QUEEN BEAUTY SALON Cosmetology Beauty Salon
1321611 CONG, THUY TRINH TON-NU Cosmetology Esthetician
113689 SLOCUM, WILLIAM C JR Legal Service Contract Sales Rep
18446 STRICKLAND SIGN SERVICE LLC Electrical Sign Contractor
306798 QUINTANA, LUIS J Apprentice Electrician
143594 GARCIA, ALLAN Journeyman Electrician
1222274 TIEU, THAO PHUONG Cosmetology Manicurist
1293102 NGUYEN, LINH PHI Cosmetology Manicurist
1599340 LE, HAI THAI Cosmetology Manicurist
1288515 PERKINS, ANNA Cosmetology Operator
1614420 MONTE, TISHARA Cosmetology Operator
1027252 CORTEZ, CARMEN Cosmetology Operator
224093 MCAULEY, KEVIN G Appliance Installer
943338 TORRES, RAY FLORES Cosmetology Operator
68708 ROLLEN, JOSEPH W Property Tax Assessor/Collector
831849 JEKOT, CHERYL ALEXIS Cosmetology Operator
817105 SARGEANT, REBECCA I Cosmetology Operator
188639 ALFARO, JOSE M Journeyman Electrician
10998 SMITH, COLBY D Property Tax Consultant
1419326 CORTEZ, CASSANDRA Cosmetology Operator
57295 THOMAS, JAKE L A/C Technician
18554 ABACUS ELECTRIC INC Electrical Sign Contractor
1192 FLORES, PAMELA J Booting Operator
1533057 TRUONG, HOANG YEN THI Cosmetology Manicurist
19591 PEKAR, MARK A Journeyman Electrician
30116 SOEFJE, EDWARD A A/C Contractor
1167028 LE, DIEM Cosmetology Operator
1567811 NGUYEN, EVELYN TRUC Cosmetology Manicurist
29397 VINCO ELECTRIC INC Electrical Contractor
21997 CURTIS, EUGENE JR Legal Service Contract Sales Rep
1517810 HUGGINS, AMY M Cosmetology Operator
6878 DALTON, ALAN D Journeyman Electrician
230410 BRYANT, STUART K Journeyman Electrician
1572073 HUYNH, DAO THI Cosmetologist
1626897 SALK, JACOB A Cosmetology Operator Instructor
1547896 PICKARD, ANGELICA MIER Cosmetology Operator
1290943 NGUYEN, MICHELLE HUONG Cosmetology Esthetician
732095 BELLA VIDA Cosmetology Esthetician Salon
345486 PHAN, STEVEN Q Apprentice Electrician
1455992 DOAN, TRANG NGOC Cosmetology Manicurist
1519776 DE LA CERDA, ELISA ARACELI Cosmetology Operator
744579 MASSAGE ENVY SPA- KINGWOOD Cosmetology Esthetician Salon
1232827 SWEENEY, SHELIA Cosmetology Operator
155431 NAVA, CARLOS A Apprentice Electrician
265524 SAULTER, ANTHONY JR Apprentice Electrician
232942 BARAHONA, FRANCISCO R Maintenance Electrician
76087 LESTER, MISTI M Legal Service Contract Sales Rep
634387 JOHNSON, ROBERT LEE Barber, Class A
10332 CRUZ, JAIME JR Property Tax Consultant
55890 VASQUEZ, SEBASTIAN Apprentice Electrician
148034 MCFARLAND, WENDELL J Apprentice Electrician
347026 OCON, KYLE Apprentice Electrician
66278 QUIROZ, ISMAEL A/C Technician
1589413 MILLERBORG, JORIE RENEE Cosmetology Operator
105905 GOSE, JIMMIE D JR Legal Service Contract Sales Rep
110744 ROTHENBERG, STEVEN Legal Service Contract Sales Rep
1525902 ADKINS, AMBER LEE Cosmetology Operator
30025 OBREGON, JORGE SR Journeyman Electrician
1064310 ZUNIGA, LUCY ORTIZ Cosmetology Operator
1257541 HARPER, MELISSA RENEE' Cosmetology Operator
1558343 TOSCANO, PATRICIA Cosmetology Operator
1560454 SEGUIN, NATALIE Cosmetologist
1339056 LLOYD, JULIE DAWN Cosmetology Operator Instructor
1042776 NGUYEN, THI NGON Cosmetology Manicurist
729695 PONGSRI S WELLS Dual Shop
1099761 TRAN, HANG Cosmetology Manicurist
1475230 VO, DUNG HOANG Cosmetology Manicurist
1613072 NGUYEN, LY T Cosmetology Manicurist
352580 HERNANDEZ GAYTAN, HUGO G Apprentice Electrician
257038 RAMON, MICHAEL A Apprentice Electrician
1419494 PHAM, THANH TAM T Cosmetology Manicurist
113946 DORSEY-MUHAMMAD, DAAIMA J Legal Service Contract Sales Rep
278204 TEMPLEMAN, DANIEL S Master Electrician
25426 KELLY, THOMAS B Journeyman Electrician
1250127 TIJERINA, MARTHA Cosmetology Operator
1206581 PIRINELLI, KRISTEN AIMEE Cosmetology Operator
1997 CARLTON, JOSEPH D Tow Truck Operator (Incident Management)
1634003 TRAN, TINA Cosmetologist
1473749 MICHALK, JESSICA NEMAN Cosmetology Operator
356834 FERNANDEZ, CARLOS Apprentice Electrician
1411151 CRITZ, GLYNDA LORARAE Cosmetology Operator
263538 VARGAS, DEVIN X Apprentice Electrician
17299 ESKILDSEN, NICHOLAS LEE Journeyman Electrician
1441666 THOMPSON, CAROLINE Cosmetology Esthetician
1530361 BROWN, STEPHANIE D Cosmetology Esthetician
23991 HAINES, CHRISTOPHER Dual Towing Operator(PP)/VSF Employee
356495 SOLIS, EDGAR D Apprentice Electrician
43071 YANEZ, JOSE A Apprentice Electrician
60340 CUBINE, KENNETH A/C Technician
1627404 GANDY, CHRISTINA Cosmetology Operator
38196 REYES, ANTONIO M Journeyman Electrician
1493834 PITTMAN, YADIRA Cosmetology Manicurist
17346 BERMUDEZ, RICARDO J Journeyman Electrician
1556690 MCCORD, MICHELLE BRITTANY Cosmetology Manicurist
224022 BARRAS, MARK S Apprentice Electrician
54633 CAIN, RONALD LYNN Water Well Driller/Pump Installer
10846 VILLANUEVA, JESUS R Journeyman Electrician
36881 AVILA, ERNESTO A/C Technician
1265472 VASQUEZ, CECILIA HEDY Cosmetology Operator
30863 HARRIS, KENNETH W SR A/C Technician
329991 GALLEGOS, RUBEN JR Apprentice Electrician
116847 ARAGUZ, ABELANDO Journeyman Electrician
1104008 LE, HOAI-TRANG THI Cosmetology Manicurist
1176446 SIFUENTES, ERICKA Cosmetology Operator
635664 GRAY, EARL Barber, Class A
349 PETTY, JEANNA G VSF Employee
122295 HENSLEY, OLLIE MAE Cosmetology Operator
10353 UGALDE, GERARDO A/C Technician
1519991 NGUYEN, HUE THI Cosmetology Manicurist
115173 CORDERO, JORGE E Journeyman Electrician
327290 MARTINEZ, THOMAS M Apprentice Electrician
58044 DEEN, KATHY A Barber, Class A
734159 MARIBEL HAIR SALON Cosmetology Beauty Salon
135369 CASTILLO, DANIEL Apprentice Electrician
1602020 MONTAGUE, LEATHA BONNIE JEAN Cosmetology Operator
1465886 GARZA, AMANDA ALEXZANDRA Cosmetology Operator
1406000 CHANCE, CRISTA HALE Cosmetology Operator
1014699 LY, LIEU L Cosmetology Operator
1135266 FLORES, JOEL Cosmetology Operator
233170 DAWSON, ARTIE M Barber, Class A
169603 STANLEY, LEWIS L Master Electrician
1465135 KINNEY, ERICA JO Cosmetology Esthetician
1539508 PHAN, TRANG THUY THI Cosmetology Manicurist
1425148 RINCON, CRYSTAL CANDICE Cosmetology Operator
334615 MUNOZ, ALEJANDRO Apprentice Electrician
313342 LEBLANC, JOSHUA R Journeyman Electrician
100 OBY'S APPLIANCE INSTALLATION, INC Appliance Installation Contractor
1470757 NGUYEN, VAN Cosmetology Operator
998262 ROMERO, JULIETA L Cosmetology Operator
228167 SADAT GOUSHEH, SMAT BIGOM Barber, Class A
323151 LEE, MATTHEW D Apprentice Electrician
1209249 STARKS, TIFFANY Cosmetology Operator
301259 ROMERO, RAMIRO Apprentice Electrician
1180167 RIOS, CECILIA EVANGELINA Cosmetology Operator
69591 SHIN, PETER S A/C Technician
1537536 VONG, LONG CANH Cosmetology Manicurist
1650654 MIRANDA, DEMETRAL Cosmetology Operator
20764 SHACKLEFORD, RONALD J A/C Contractor
1284220 OWEN, VICTORIA ANTIONETTE Cosmetology Operator
305149 FLORES, JOSE G Apprentice Electrician
1239411 MARIN, RACHEL Cosmetology Operator
32728 HAWTHORNE, WALTER Dual Towing Operator(IM)/VSF Employee
10743 JENKINS, KEVIN A A/C Technician
295643 CRANER, THOMAS G Apprentice Electrician
37607 DALE, DARRELL W A/C Technician
200822 HOWARD, WAYNE R Journeyman Electrician
51963 NUNLEY, TYLER J A/C Technician
882263 WRIGHT, KIMBERLY Cosmetology Operator
9948 RAMIREZ, GEORGE L Tow Truck Operator (Consent Tow)
751869 SALON THIRTY ONE ELEVEN Cosmetology Beauty Salon
693385 SALON 34 Cosmetology Beauty Salon
760842 DO OR DYE FAMILY HAIR SALON Cosmetology Beauty Salon
1655482 VU, THANHBINH T Cosmetologist
11319 VEGA, JOSE JUAN A/C Contractor
1630602 NGUYEN, TUNG C. Cosmetology Manicurist
1678889 HUYNH, LIEU XUAN Cosmetologist
303791 DOMINIC, KIMBERLY A Apprentice Electrician
1340113 BAEZ, MARIA GUADALUPE Cosmetology Operator Instructor
1255857 NGUYEN, GIAC VAN Cosmetology Manicurist
303 COLUMBUS, PHILLIP J Registered Accessibility Specialist
1229561 GIL, NORA GUADALUPE Cosmetology Operator Instructor
22479 HAWKINS, E TROY A/C Contractor
74363 ARMENDARIZ, YOLANDA Property Tax Appraiser
1671122 PAREJA VILLAFANE, CLAUDIA LORENA Cosmetology Esthetician
1125390 SOLONKA, JESSICA IZORA Cosmetology Operator
46527 NGUYEN, PAUL V A/C Technician
1406229 BLY, TRACI NICOLE Cosmetology Operator
3926 SPEAKE, CLAYTON R A/C Contractor
312445 STRAWN, JAMES L Apprentice Electrician
42313 HAVARD, DUSTIN W A/C Technician
9939 NIXON, LONNIE G Auctioneer
643884 JONES, JOE Barber, Class A
684186 EVAN NAILS Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon
288815 TORRES, OSCAR S Apprentice Electrician
158310 MC COLLUM, DEBRA RAE Cosmetology Operator
1468182 THAI, KIMHA THI Cosmetology Manicurist
37 SCHEXNAYDER, CHRISTOPHER F Registered Accessibility Specialist
1420213 LE, LINH THI Cosmetology Operator
344578 RICHTER, KATHERYN GAYLE Cosmetology Operator
1285928 LUU, LAN MY Cosmetology Esthetician
118401 DAVIS, ROBERT NEIL Cosmetology Operator
61819 LUGO, CRISTINA CANTU Barber, Class A
9043 ORTIZ, RAFAEL Master Electrician
1476586 HODGES, TAMMIE MARIE Cosmetology Operator
176235 BALL, ZAK TAY Appliance Installer
1335421 TRAN, MY HONG THI Cosmetology Manicurist
22483 RAMIREZ, RICKY A/C Contractor
331810 GOMEZ, VICTOR Apprentice Electrician
1520228 GOMEZ, RAUL CASTRO Cosmetology Operator
31845 BAUER, WESTLEY A Journeyman Electrician
1607974 DURAN, DIANA Cosmetology Operator
130639 CADENA, RICHARD Apprentice Electrician
126488 BARRON-JURADO, OSCAR Apprentice Electrician

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